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Among all of the dentists in the local area, there are a fair amount who have special training and expertise to provide you with good smile results. So what makes us stand apart from all the rest? Here at Dr Naser Sharifi Implant Dentistry, we are specially devoted to helping you feel confident in your smile! We believe that prevention is as strong a motto as making you smile. Our team focuses on producing the most natural-looking results to help your smile look and feel not just different, but better.

In addition to providing you with the most natural-looking smile, we do our best to provide you with only the most important treatments needed to keep your smile in optimal health. Our goal is to give you care that helps you feel happy with your smile, and we are constantly improving our dental education to make certain our treatment is as effective for you as possible! As a team, we will always go over the process of your treatment with you and we are happy to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have! We welcome you to learn more about our amazing team below:

If you would like to get started on dental care in Glen Oaks, New York, we welcome you to contact us today at (718) 470-9000 and ask for our dentist, Dr. Naser Sharifi. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our highest priority is helping our patients feel happy and content with their smiles! If you struggle with imperfections in your smile or damaged teeth, we encourage you to visit our dentist. Dr. Naser Sharifi will carefully listen to your concerns and help customize a plan that best suits your needs.

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